Indoor Activities

An indoor team building session is effective for corporate teams to pick up essential values and skills as well as improve team bonding. Indoor sessions confines participants to a specific place, hence ensures maximum participation and attention. Besides, engaging in our indoor team building activities gives participants a chance to break away from usual work routine, harnessing their creativity and encouraging them to bond and learn from each other. Our bonding games, ice breaker sessions and workshops will definitely give your team a fun and unique team building experience. Under our team of professional and experienced instructors, your team building session will be informative and beneficial to your team.


quiz night team building for adultsQuiz Night (Family Feud)

A fast moving team bonding game which aims to guess the right answers for each category. Teams will be sending out one of their members to battle the game of speed before winning a chance for the rest of the team to produce the best answers for the questions. Bonus rounds, together with extra benefits for the teams who score a perfect 7 in each round! Definitely an entertaining session for the company to unwind. You might just be surprise on what some of your colleagues have in their minds…


Funk Up Commercial Break

Let’s put our heads together to produce a commercial advertisement for a familiar product which can be applied to our daily way of life. In the course of that, hilarious props and phases are inserted via challenges that surface as your choreograph your commercial advertisement. Each team does a certain portion of the advert which combines to a full run-down of that product in all walks of life. Lots of fun and laughter will be expected throughout the course of production.


end result of structure built

Material Based Games (Example: The Tallest Tower)

This team activity would require members to work together and build the tallest free-standing structure using everyday materials provided. The objective of this fun activity is to drive forward the crucial benefits of strong and clear communication as well as demonstrate the importance of team work and collaboration. This team building game provides an opportunity for maximum interaction, giving new employees a chance for an ice breaker session.
Corporate FUN! Problem-Solving Games

Corporate team building games like Office Mechanics, River Crossing, The Maze, etc, encourages creative problem solving, sharing of ideas and promotes communication. These games are good for casual team bonding and stimulating intellect while working together to achieve important objectives and goals.


DISC Personality Profiling for Teams

DISC measures behaviour that expands to a work setting of what you are expected to be and what you truly are. This tool provides clarity to many organisations that can make them more efficient and a better working team all together. There are four personality types. These types, blend together to determine your unique personality. To help you understand why you feel, think and act the way you do. The following information summarizes the DISC model of human behaviour:










Benefits of DISC:

  1. Decreased judgement
  2. Become a people developer
  3. Move from a manager of people to a leader of people
  4. Dealing with changes positively

Teambuilding Workshops

Our team building workshops are set with a serious and professional tone, ideal for teams that have to achieve a distinctive goal at the end of the session. Instead of boring you with the usual paper and tea sessions, we promise to deliver interesting programs that are best suited to achieve your specific goals and objectives for your team.


Teambuilding Ice Breaker Session

Our team building ice breaker games are perfect for corporate teams with new staff as well as for bigger companies with diverse departments. The ice breaker session would facilitate in introducing new team members and give them opportunities to interact and communicate with other team members in a neutral and comfortable setting away from the office environment.


Robots in Teambuilding!

Looking for something totally new and fun in a teambuilding activity? The Wow Experience once again brings to you something unique by incorporating robotic gadgets in our specially customized teambuilding programme, the ‘Sphero Grand Prix’! Be part of a team that conceptualizes and constructs a race course for this latest gadget, ‘Sphero’ – which is a spherical robotic ball with various capabilities controllable via a mobile device. Seize this opportunity to try your hands on this gadget as part of our teambuilding programme, where you will not only get to build the Grand Prix course for ‘Sphero’, but also maneuver and race the robot! Contact us today to find out more about this programme!

Shpero TeambuildingSphero Teambuilding Programmes include:

  • Sphero Race Course Building
  • Sphero Chariot <Tower Defense>
  • A-maze-ing Sphero

If you are looking to try this new gadget through simple fun and engaging activities instead, consider our ‘Sphero Extravaganza’ package below which includes a series of mini games:

  • Sphero Soccer
  • Sphero Tagging
  • Sphero Mini-Office Course
  • Sphero Painting