Outdoor Activities

Outdoor Teambuilding program

Outdoor team building games creates a challenging environment for participants due to the vigor of it being conducted outdoors, subjected to the mercy of the weather. Teams are expected to work together to complete given tasks and challenges presented to them. Outdoor team activities focuses on helping teams achieve specific goals in a fun and interesting manner. We specialize in both overseas and local team building, engaging in either would allow you to experience a fun and innovative team building program designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of your organization. Getting out into the outdoors is definitely a healthy change from being cooped up in the office. With this change in environment, participants will definitely be more excited and hyped up, guaranteeing a more effective team bonding session.




Monopoly Deal Race

Monopoly Team Building GameFancy a real life game of Monopoly Board Game as well as the Deal Game Concept for your next team building session? We have managed to develop a exhilarating and fun Monopoly Teambuilding Program in our very own city area! Race to your favourite property, buy it, build it and charge rent to your rival teams who unknowingly steps into your premise! The game is not just about the cash transactions when CHANCES and COMMUNITY CHEST comes into play every now and then along your route to riches!


Mission: Undercover Spies

Sabotage your team’s objectives as an undercover spy without being detected! A series of games will be carried out in the first half of the program with the good guys trying to win the challenge while spies doing what they do best. Second portion is where the exciting thrill of identify the spies and trying to achieve the program objectives being the good guys as a whole company. Game can be fairly played by either sides and consists lots of mind bogging strategies and wild guessing as members try to outwit each other to win themselves the bragging rights for the rest of the year (or at least till their next team building session).


Combat Skirmish Teambuilding

Combat Skirmish Team building is one of the most popular and frequently requested team bonding game amongst our clients. Each mission has a different set of objectives that can be customized based on values and objectives that clients request. Equipped with state of the art, SATR Tech (Small Arms Transmission Receiver), teams are able to blaze their way through to achieve mission objectives and ultimately be ingrained with the company’s values and standards.

Ladies Reading Map at Amazing Race


Amazing Race

Remember the Reality TV Series? We’ve adopted the concept, but given it a twist to feature team building in a fun way! Teams will begin at the starting point with a clue card, score sheet and a map, to which they are supposed to navigate and find the various checkpoints within the race route. At each checkpoint, teams will be met by friendly and experienced facilitators who will require a team building task to be performed on the spot. Tasks at every checkpoint can be customized to fit the goals and objectives of clients. This outdoor team building activity seeks to instill healthy team work values amongst participants as well as giving them the chance to have fun and bond together. So, wait no more… Race your way through to a successful team building session!


It’s all about being Healthy and Fit

Why Choose UsHealth and fitness is so important in this day of life. And we want to bring this healthy lifestyle into the corporate office on weekdays and hence, this team bonding program was introduced. You will be seeing your colleagues getting active and sweaty at various challenges to achieve those team cohesive fitness targets for everyone. Going out of the office and perform fitness challenges suitable for all fitness levels as an entity. Best time to get the company together to keep fit and yet, bonding together through health & fitness education regime. About time to get the lazy bones moving in the office…


Dragon Boating

dynamic and fun outdoor team building activity which combines the adrenaline of water sports with the determination and perseverance of good teamwork. Dragon boating requires strong teamwork and clear communication amongst paddlers in order for the boat to move in a specific direction. Seemingly a classic team building activity, the rigorous pace can be taken down a notch and still fulfill the team bonding objectives.



SMART RaceWe take you on a journey on our MRT lines to experience ARTS, HERITAGE, SPORTS and NATURE! These will be some of the most unnoticed spots or activities that will be carried out in each designated stations. Teams will have options of bypassing certain stations, doing and finding out answers along their route and also to have “dares”, “forfeits” and “fast-forwards” to add flavour into the race to the finishing line. Best type of team building game program in your regional meetings to host your overseas counterparts to experience Uniquely Singapore!


Low/High Elements Obstacle Course

Definitely not your typical high/low elements course, this fun outdoor activity is packed with various challenges and obstacles which enables participants to overcome personal challenges as well as promote the importance of team work. The high/low elements course is constructed with ropes and utility poles, requiring a relay team for safety. Participants need not worry about safety as precautions are ensured.